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Riviera Landscape is the premier choice when it comes to making the most of your real estate. Our focus is not simply lawn care. Our business is creating a personal paradise for each and every client customized to their specific needs.

From regular trimmings to seasonal clean ups, we will keep your lawn and garden beautiful. Our services include: lawn maintenance and lawn care, shrub and tree removal, sodding, mulch, planting, fall/spring cleanup, hedge trimming, weed control and tree service.

We specialize in all types of residential on commercial lawn care. We have state of the art equipment and highly trained professionals to mow your lawn, edge your lawn, trim trees, shrubs and bushes. Plus we have expert knowledge for lawn treatments as well as other lawn maintenance needs. .

By definition, weed control is a botanical component of pest control, that stops weeds from reaching a mature stage of growth when they could be harmful to domesticated plants, sometimes livestocks, by using manual techniques including soil cultivation, mulching and herbicides. The best way to prevent weeds may be to grow a plush and healthy lawn, but chances are they will still sprout. Fortunately, there are a few proven methods for reducing and controlling weeds.

Pruning / Trimming can improve the health, safety and appearance or your trees. Although forest trees grow quite well with only nature’s pruning, landscape trees require a higher level of care to maintain their safety and aesthetics.

Our expert technicians will apply fertilizers that are custom blended for the exact type of grass growing on your lawn, fine-tuned for your climate and the current season. You’ll notice the difference right away, and each treatment will sustain your lawn’s verdant beauty for eight to 12 weeks. Our customized program also includes broadleaf weed control, along with pre-emergent fertilizers that are applied in early spring, which will guarantee crabgrass control during the warm months. We’ll also provide you with written recommendations for watering, mowing and aeration.

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Why do you need a grass sod installation? Perhaps your lawn is looking spotty or faded. We’ll create an instant lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors. Your yard will be ready to entertain guests or provide a place for kids to play within days. Call for a soil evaluation and consultation from one of our specially trained turf experts.

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We get it. Sometimes life can get in the way of your regular maintenance, and your once beautiful yard quickly starts to resemble something out of The Jungle Book. That’s where we come in. We’ll clean up your yard from top to bottom, and help bring your outdoor areas back to a state of beauty.

We can handle a wide variety of clean up tasks, some of which include: leaf raking, mulching, mowing and edging, hedge trimming, weed control, tree maintenance, green waste disposal, and more.